Crime Doesn't Pay: Episode 4 - The last episode

This is the fourth and last episode of Crime Doesn’t Pay! This story is made for people who are learning English at a high intermediate to advanced level. Extensive listening means listening to English that is very easy to understand.

Crime Doesn't Pay will be told in four parts, meaning that each week will tell a new part of the story. As you can see from the title, this is a crime story. Follow Chief Marissa Park and Officer Sam Hunter as they try to figure out who was the partner in crime. 

Previously on, Crime Doesn’t Pay, Officer Sam Hunter interviewed the security guard, Bruce. The security guard explained his view of the robbery. He also mentioned that the teller dislikes his job at the bank and has a lot of student debt. Then Chief Marissa Park interviewed the teller, Takashi Yano. Takashi admitted to disliking his job. He also claimed that he inherited a lot of money from his grandmother, so he didn’t need the teller job anymore. Both the teller and the security guard mentioned that the CEO left the building early. Now, Chief Park is checking the computer system to see how much the robber and his accomplice stole.


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Thanks to the voice actors for this podcast who are shown below! The podcast couldn't have succeeded without these lovely people! 

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crime doesn't pay cast.jpg