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EFL/ESL Extensive Listening and Reading Materials

Lively listening and reading materials. 


Graded Readers

The graded readers provided on this site are distinctive from conventional graded readers as they have plots that do not follow normal graded reader styles. These graded readers are written and produced by graduate students of the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Play it by Ear is a weekly podcast made EFL/ESL extensive listening by two graduate students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Stories are told week-by-week meaning that a whole story will be told over the period of a few weeks. Check out what's been uploaded this week!


Extensive Reading with Graded Readers


Extensive reading can occur in many forms, but some of the most well-known materials are graded readers. Extensive reading is when readers read a lot (extensively) to build up reading fluency. The goal of extensive reading isn't learning new grammar, vocabulary, or heavily analyzing the language use of a text. Instead, the learner reads for fun and reads at a level that is easy for them to understand. Graded readers are stories that are lexically (vocabulary)  and linguistically (grammar) adjusted for different language learning levels. To learn more about the theories behind extensive reading and about the graded readers provided here, click on the box below.

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Extensive Listening with Podcasts


Like extensive reading, extensive listening has a variety of materials. The materials that are provided on this website is a story-telling podcast series called Play it by Ear. When you listen extensively, you listen to lot of easy content in the language you are learning. This means that the audio you are listening to should be easy and fun. Our podcast is made to tell stories week-by-week, which breaks up the listening into smaller portions. To learn more about the theories behind extensive listening and about our podcast, click on the boxes below.