About All Eyes and Ears

All Eyes and Ears was made as the final project for Raquel Reinagel's MA degree in Second Language Studies (SLS) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Manoa (UHM). She first imagined to create an app of graded readers, but the project instead turned into a website with extensive reading (ER) and extensive listening (EL) content. 

All content on this website is made for learners who are at an English proficiency level that would permit entry into an English-medium university. The current content will hopefully be adjusted for different language levels in the future. 

As seen on many parts of this website, extensive reading and extensive listening are important ideas that motivate these materials. The materials were also created with components of Critical Language Pedagogy, Ecological theory, and a menagerie of other language acquisition and pedagogical theories. 

It should be admitted that these materials are not perfect and may not fit every learner's needs. These materials are a product of the collaboration between Raquel and her fellow SLS classmates during her time at UHM. However, these materials should not be completely disregarded due to the authors' qualifications. It is up to the learner to determine if these materials fit their needs.